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62 Years of Artists Serving Artists

AANL was to celebrate its 60th anniversary on May 11, 2020, however, Covid 19 delayed the celebration.  Plans are in place to celebrate at our 2022 Fall Exhibition. 


The Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (AANL), a non-profit organization, has the distinction of having been established longer than any other art association in the province’s history. It was founded and incorporated May 11, 1960, by the prominent art groups at the time and was known as The Art Gallery Association of Newfoundland (AGAN).  On May 2, 1967, it became The Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador to reflect the Association’s desire to become an organization interested in artists throughout the province. While the Association retained its initial goals and members, it became more active in providing artist members with opportunities to develop their artistic talents through workshops, demonstrations and critiques, to exhibit and sell their work, and to affiliate with other art associations and groups throughout the province and the country having similar objectives. The Association continued to maintain its role as an advocate for the arts by encouraging the fostering of art in schools and other institutions of learning throughout the province. Throughout its history, the Association has been operated and funded by artist members and received minimal financial assistance from external sources. The AANL has had many challenges during its distinguished history, but it has persevered throughout the decades since its inception.

The Board plans to celebrate our 60th Anniversary this year 2022 at our October Exhibition at the Arts and Culture Centre.


(From The History of the Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (AANL), Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, By Linda M. Doody and Larry Mahoney, 2010, Revised 2018)


To stimulate interest in and awareness of Newfoundland and Labrador art and artists, and to provide educational opportunities for artists, as well as, a forum to share ideas and information.

Board Members

President                           Larry Mahoney
Past President                    Dora Cooper
Vice President                    (Vacant)
Treasurer                          Dianne Hussey
Secretary                           (Vacant)

Members at Large
Meetings                           Elizabeth Cooper
Workshops & Events           Shelley Blundon
Membership                       (Vacant)
Social Media                      Jill Moores
At Large                            Jim Hart
At Large                            Marilyn Dodd
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